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    Availability Of Diverse Treatment

    We believe that not all hair type can benefit from the same treatment, which is why we have opened our doors to a number of possible options that you can choose from. You can even leave the decision making procedure at our hand, as our expert crew knows well about what hair treatment you will need. Here are few treatments that we provide:

    If you have several issues with ingrown hair, our ingrown hair treatment can help you to naturally get rid of the ingrown hair that is causing you trouble or distress.

    There is certain hair growth treatment which activates your hair follicles and accelerates the growth of hair from your scalp. The special serums used at our studio are exclusively made according to your needs, and it is assured to give the best results ever. Damp and frizzy hair can make your life a living hell. Styling hair into fashionable braids and new hairstyles are almost impossible with curly hair;

    Hair straightening treatment is hence of great help for people with annoying curly hair which will help you to full fill your wildest hairstyle fantasies into reality. Hair straightening treatments are available for all length and curliness of hair. Once you submit your hair into our hands, it's only a great style that awaits you.

    If you want to relive your curly hair from incessant hair loss, our keratin treatment for curly hair will help you to stop hair damage and prevent it from thinning out at an increasing rate.

    Additional Hair Services Available

    We at Affinity Express, believe that hair can be of diverse in nature and hence there are at least some hair treatments that can be offered to everyone who walks into our salon. If you have exceedingly dry hair, we have special dry hair treatment that will revive your hair and make it healthy. Hair treatment for dry hair is available for any hair length and is suitable for any price too. Dry and damaged hair may lead you to use an unnecessarily considerable number of products, if you come and get our damaged hair treatment, we can promise you good results in no time. Hair regrowth treatment is another one of our fortes, and you can come anytime for hair regrowth treatment that will help you to make your hair dense again. These are some of our best thinning hair treatment. If you want to flaunt a new hairstyle and ditch your old look, do gets a hair smoothing treatment.

    Losing your hair is never a good feeling. The hair growth treatments offered are some of the best hair loss treatment which will help you to regain your hair just after a few sittings. Our keranique hair regrowth treatment is one of the best hair treatment that will help you to boost your confidence and hair quality at the same time!