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    The Hair Affair At Affinity Express

    Every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful. Although every single woman is beautiful from within, a little bit of makeup and grooming has never harmed anyone.

    We at Affinity Express have got you covered. A one-stop destination for all your beauty solutions, our store, which is located at Preet Vihar is sure to give you results that will be worth every money you spend.

    Be it a makeover you require before a special event you have to attend or a simple grooming session including a new hairdo and shaping of your eyebrows, ours is one name that you can completely rely on.

    Why Is A Good Hairdo Essential?

    The right kind of hairdo which gets along well with your appearance is sure to impart a new kind of confidence in you.

    It is the hair that frames the face.

    The right kinds of hairdos complement your face and other features and therefore, improve your appearance largely.

    There a whole list of women's hairdos services that are offered by our beauty salon.

    Great Hairdos For Long Hair

    Do you have long and lustrous hair? Many women who have long hair suffer from the dilemma as to how to fix their hair up. Hair experts and professionals at Affinity Express are equipped with some of the best ways to come up with some manageable hairdos for long hair that will be worth the stare.

    A twisted bun: A bun is never out of fashion. It is neither too formal nor too casual. If pinned up properly, it is also very easy to manage.

    A double ponytail: Our hair experts have this excellent hairdo idea which will immediately lengthen your ponytail. This is one of the most popular hairdos for thin hair because it can instantly add volume to the hair as well.

    A half up bow: Sport a bow, even if it isn't Christmas. Part the upper portion of your hair and tie it up into a bow and stroll around like a Disney Princess.

    A boho braid: This kind of loose and flowy braid will get you ready for a romantic date with the least effort.

    A French braid twisted bun: Get the goodness of a braid as well as a bun fused into a single hairstyle with this French braid twisted bun.

    A top knot: Effortless, messy yet beautiful. A top knot can be done in less than 10 seconds. Our professionals make sure that they spray some hairspray over the bun so that it doesn't droop throughout the day.

    A beehive hairdo: In this long hairdo, the long hair is piled up in a way so as to form a conical shape.

    These long hairdos and many best international hairdo are worth a try for they will enrich your beauty and present you in a picture-perfect way

    Awesome Hairdos For Medium Length Hair

    Medium length hair is difficult to manage. You can neither let it loose nor can you come up with some fashionable hairstyle that will make you look fresh and beautiful throughout the day. Our team of professionals has come up with some of the best hairdos for medium length hair that will make you look good throughout the day. Style your middle length hair with this plethora of hairstyles which have been handpicked by our hairdressers especially to present an elegant picture of you. Given below is a list of some of the medium length hairdos.

    A top knot: This effortless yet elegant hairstyle works equally well with medium length hair as it does with long hair. Our professionals will do it in the best possible way so that you get ready in second to slay throughout the day.

    A pouf and braided bun: This hairstyle is sure to add volume to your hair. This kind of medium hairdo will impart elegance to your appearance.

    A Casual braided hairstyle with loose ends: Perfect both for your work as well as your romantic date night, sport this cute hairdo with utmost confidence and enjoy all the stares as you walk in.

    A bun with braids in the side: This hairstyle will perfectly accentuate your femininity. This kind of hairstyle is one of the most popular kinds of wedding hairdos. This can serve well as both the bride’s as well as mother of the bride hairdos.

    A low bun: As already mentioned, a bun can never go out of fashion. Experiment with your way. Twist and turn your hair till you come up with new hairstyles every time.

    A crown twist hairdo: So chic yet so royal. The best thing about this hairdo is that you can couple this hairstyle with any kind of staple that you pick out of your closet.

    Hope now you know some awesome hairdos for shoulder length hair. However, one can always choose to settle for hairdo extensions for additional fashion options. Our professionals have acquired expertise in that field too.

    Flaunt Your Short Hair With These Hairdos For Short Hair

    If you are of the idea that you don't have much hairdo options if you have short hair, our hair experts will serve you just fine. Once you avail our service, you will proudly flaunt your short hair. Have a look at some of the best hairdo for short hair.

    A messy yet classy pony: This is extremely fashionable and easy to carry. A simple tie-up pony is never too much nor too casual.

    A braided mohawk: This hairdo is one of the best short hairdos which is best suited for girls who have a Bob cut hair. This makes a girl look bold and edgy.

    Twist and pin-up: Simply twist the different strands of your hair and pin the different parts up. This will add volume to your hair.

    Dual side braid with asymmetrical Bob: Another edgy and cool hairdo for women who opt for a bold outlook, this hairdo is a saviour when you are about to attend an event of whose being casual or formal you are unsure.

    Stay in style with these cute hairdos for short hair and many more, ask your hair stylist for our international hairdo.