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  • Hair Rebonding

    Hair Rebonding

    If you have always had curly and unmanageable hair, it is common for you to have imagined having silky straight hair that can also be managed without pain. Hair rebonding is one of the leading techniques where a number of products are applied to the hair so that the hair relaxes and the curly frizzy hair transforms into silky straight mane that can be styled into the latest fashion trends.

    We, at Affinity Express, understand your cravings and are here to provide you with the best hair rebonding experience. We assure you that there is no reason to worry about the side effects that people warn you against as we use the best products available and are very experienced in this area of usage.

    Perks Of Rebonding

    Rebonding hair will surely give you the best of your hair experience and you can enjoy your hair to the fullest. You can style your hair in any way you want. Say goodbye to unmanageable, curly hair and welcome straight hair into your life.

    Hair rebonding salon generally use chemicals that chemically breaks down the natural bonds and rearranges your hair into forming new bonds that will lead you to have straight hair. In contrast to straightening your hair with a flat iron, hair rebonding is a much permanent treatment and will have quite a long-lasting effect on your hair.

    The Procedure

    If you are wondering about hair rebonding salon near me, we are available at Preet Vihar in Delhi and are ready to give you the most relaxing rebonding experience of your life. The procedure for hair rebonding is rather diverse. After the hair has been neatly divided into sections, a cream relaxant is applied to each specific band of hair while keeping it held straight. After this, our trained professionals make sure with the help of a plastic board that the relaxant has been applied to each and every strand of your hair. The hair is then steamed for around 30-40 minute and then blow dried.

    Finally, to make sure that no curls are left, a keratin solution is applied to the hair, followed by a neutralizer which makes sure to restabilize and restructure the hair. After a minute serum application, the hair is straightened and advised not to be washed for at least three days after the treatment.

    Keep Affordability In Mind

    Hair rebonding treatments are now available over a diverse range of price. The hair rebonding cost mainly depends on the length of hair which indirectly is an estimate of how much cream relaxant, serum, and neutralizer has to be used to make sure that your hair is perfectly straight after the treatment. Hair rebonding price also depends on the salon you visit. When you visit us, we give you the best services at the most affordable rates convenient for you. Customer satisfaction is one of our main goals, and we strive to meet it every day.

    Rebonding your hair is the new cool way to get the most out of your hair during the festive seasons. Your frizzy curly hair can relax into the beautiful silky soft mane that you can flaunt in various fashionable styles!