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    Hire Us For That Most Mesmerising Eye Makeup

    Eyes can leave their impact for life long and thus people prefer to get the eye makeover the most to add to that lasting impression. The very first communication is done with our eyes, and they are very important to be defined properly. All women on the earth are admired if they pose a pair of mesmerizing eyes. Some are blessed to have very attractive eyes and for others we at Affinity Express offer excellent eye makeup to help you achieve those magical pair of eyes. Affinity Express has the experts in the profession who can give you the best look by making the use of their brushes and some cosmetics.

    We can provide you with the best makeup cosmetics and the experts so that you can completely be contented with our services. Some of the various eye makeovers which are in vogue are blue eye makeup, cat eye makeup etc. and we have expertise over such makeup.

    Eye Makeovers and Variation In It

    The makeover has to be done in a way so that it defines your eyes. People are unaware of the fact that the eye makeup is done according to the colour of the eyes. For example it is strongly recommended that the eye makeup for blue eyes must have a little shimmer in it.

    A peachy or a golden shimmer goes well and must be included in the blue eyes makeup or alternate with that the purple Smokey effect, or the rose gold coloured shimmer makes the eyes look very attractive and should be included in the makeup for blue eyes. Gold eye makeup is anyway a great option for all kinds of eyes. This can be the best makeup for hazel eyes as well.

    Glitter eye makeup is also much demanded eye makeover. This goes well with the brown eyes, and thus this is very important part of the eye makeup for brown eyes. Brown eye makeup includes the identification of the exact colour or the pigment your eyes has. The smudging game works the most in the case of the makeup for brown eyes.

    Makeup for small eyes is no way a different matter. All of these require the understanding of the pigments and the shades that can go well with the colour of the eyes, the brows, and the lashes. And if it is the green eyes, then the copper rust colour is a must for the eye makeup for green eyes. This is also a part of the eye makeup for hooded eyes.

    Makeup for hooded eyes become difficult when it comes to finding the crease of the eyes, and thus the application of eye shadow is the most difficult as well as the essential part of the application of the hooded eye makeup. Makeup for green eyes depends on the skin colour of the person as well as the size of the eyes the person has. And the black eye makeup is the most interesting of all as all sorts of eye makeup suits on the black eyes.

    Following Are Some Of The Guidelines For Eye Makeup

    Darker Shades Are Not The Solution Always:

    Look for the shade that suits you well. Darker shades are always not the answer to all your problems. People mostly assume that the darker shades are ultimately the only thing that goes well with all the types of eyes but that is not true. Darker shades cannot look natural on all the eyes, and the makeover which looks artificial is not the one that is appreciated. So firstly get the shade that goes well with your face.

    Get A Bright Eye Appearance:

    Take a small brush and take off all the extra shadows which are there and again dab the brush on the centre of the eyelid. This can just elevate your look to some other unimaginably elegant level. This just makes the eyes brighter and thereby attractive and also gives a Smokey eye makeup.

    Don’t Mistake In The Shades Of The Liner:

    People are mostly unaware of the techniques of the eye makeup, and when it comes to the liner, then it must be noted that the eyeliner should be put in a way that the upper lash line has a brighter colour than that of the lower one. This gives a more sorted and natural look to them, thereby, making the whole appearance look way classic.

    Mascara Tips:

    The best tips for the mascara are combing the lashes before the application of the mascara to it. The mascara has to be applied at once throughout the lash. Stopping the brush anywhere in the middle deteriorates the whole look. This is the reason why it is strongly recommended that the eyelashes must be combed previously.

    It is not an easy task to handle impressive eye makeup on your own. But at Affinity Express, we can provide you with the most mesmerizing eye makeup as we have experienced experts who are professionally sound at this work and they ensure the best makeover service one can avail of the price that they pay.

    Find Your True Self With The Best Makeup Artists!

    People all over the world have used makeup since its inception. Makeup makes people feel better, beautiful and confident. There is never too much makeup for one who loves to dress up. We at Affinity Express believe that makeup has no gender and is not limited to people of a particular sex.

    Everybody is free to use it it in the best way possible to get that dream look. Affinity Express has been doing this for more than twenty-five years.

    It makes individuals feel better about themselves, lift their spirits and add a little sparkle to their lives.

    Best Make Up to Choose At Affinity!

    Affinity Express since its inception has been helping the people to look like a natural beauty every day. We provide services for every occasion, from everyday eye makeup for day party and touch-ups, to engagement and bridal makeup and party styling. You need to feel beautiful and look attractive in order to make a good impression on the people. When you look good, you automatically start feeling confident. Grooming and makeup at our salon gives that confidence that you no more feel nervous among a large crowd of people. The professionals working here are the best of the best and do your makeup according to the occasion you are going to.

    Each person hired here is especially trained and is an expert at all sorts of makeup like makeup for wedding party, makeup for bridal party, makeup for holiday party, etc.

    If you are going to a casual outing with your close friends and family, the professionals here provide you with the best natural makeup for party and the trending nude party make up.

    If you are going to your wedding party, you can opt for the wedding party make up.If you want to go to a cocktail party, we will provide you with a fantastic makeup for a cocktail party.