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  • Beauty Make Over

    Get The Best Makeover From The Makeup Experts

    Is it your special occasion? Are you searching for the makeup artist for that eye catchy makeover? Come to Affinity Express Preet Vihar which is there to provide you with the best beauty makeover that you can ever avail. We provide wedding hair and makeup service as well.

    We have professional makeup artist who is experienced in these services and can provide the best help you might be looking for. To understand the requirements of the clients and help them look their best we have a special party makeup artist. With their brushes and talent, they can get you ready and give you the look that you exactly want.

    Why Is Trained Assistance Required for Makeover?

    The common myth is that the makeup is just about randomly blending a couple of cosmetics on to the face but this never gives the finest result. The art of makeup is not as simple as many of us consider it; it needs professional hands. Few things go well with the face of some people whereas the same cosmetics and shades don’t suit others.

    Makeup professionals at Affinity Express know that makeover is all about making a face more attractive through the brushes, and this requires preciseness to give desired beautiful result. Only an experienced makeover beauty salon like us can help help you in attaining that new look you have always secretly wished for. Affinity Express is the answer to that one question which might be popping up on your mind- where to get a beauty makeover done? There are makeup artists who provide services, but the most recommendable choice is beauty makeover salon as they take the whole charge on to their shoulders as well take the complete responsibility for your appearance.

    As Beauty salon makeover we get into complete demand on the occasion of the parties and during wedding season where we provide the complete beauty makeovers at a charge which is very affordable. We are here to take care of the customer’s satisfaction as well. Lets learn some of the tips and tricks that one must know before doing or getting a makeover:

    Prepare Your Skin:

    Makeover is about applying a lot of products on to your skin and so it is important to prepare your skin well before the application of the cosmetics. We never recommend to skip this step as we care for your skin. So, firstly the skin should be cleaned well with the best cleanser.

    And after that primer has to be applied and this is a must. The primer also plays an important role to make the makeover stay for a longer period on the skin and make the skin comfortable for the makeup to sit well. This reduces the irritation on the skin, and hence you can enjoy your makeover from within, and this will make you look more beautiful.

    Choice Of The Base:

    People mostly make the choice of the lighter shade of the foundation base and they assume that they will look fairer but what exactly happens is that creates an artificial look. At Affinity Express the professionals are very careful with the choice of the appropriate base so that it goes well with the skin giving a very natural appearance.

    Blend Well:

    Whatever the cosmetics are applied, it is important to blend them well so that your look is completely elegant. When things are blended well, then the face looks much lighter and sorted.

    Don’t Overdo It:

    Undeniably getting makeover makes us look prettier but that does not mean that the more we do makeup, the more beautiful we look. Overdoing the makeup can give a hilarious look and thus we make sure that we do makeover but in a very elegant approach.

    We, in our salon and makeup studio, provide special training to all our professionals including the makeup artists so that they can provide our customers with the best service to make them feel contented by hiring us for their work. We also ensure that there will be no harm caused to the skin because of the cosmetics we use as we use the best quality product which is also best suitable for the person with very sensitive skin. Visit us to have the best makeover experience.