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  • Balayge

    The trendsetting balayage and the amazing gradient look defining it

    Hair Styling is an amazing way to change your look and sticking to the most happening styles is what keeps a person fashionably updated. At Affinity express it is the main focus that we concentrate at while dealing with customers. Talking of this, when we discuss hair at our salon, we know that balayage is something which is an alien term to most of us but when we, as stylists hear quite a lot of it now, we come to know that this causes quite a lot of stir ups while styling and colouring hair and we wish to impart this knowledge to all our customers as well with some good demonstration too. The balayage hair is a new sensation for most of the celebs at the moment on an international level; where they are flaunting it off exceptionally well in all hair length. Not only does it look extraordinarily good in good hair length, the balayage hair colour is an absolutely wonderful alternative for all who embrace new fashion trends gloriously. The people who hesitate to embrace this new trend wholly can take up balayage highlights for their hair and show the sheer courage to be a part of change.

    What is Balayage and why people have embraced it

    Balayage is basically a way of colouring the hair which gives a gradient looks if the hair had been kissed by the beach sun. Balayage can be done with a number of colours which is why international singers have also expressed their great interest in taking up this way of hair colours. Balayage is a French word meaning ‘to paint' uplifting the presence of the hair and providing a natural look just like the natural colours did. We have options where they can experiment with the hair of the customers and make them swoon in style and glory. Starting from amazing trendsetting things like blonde balayage where a dark hair tone of a person needs to be changed and that is only done by painting the hair in gradients. Balayage is basically a technique for highlighting the hair. The area where the colour is more intense is at the root and lightens up near the ends of the hair. Brown balayage, red balayage and even the caramel balayage is a wonderful option for all those people who want to experiment with the highlighting of their hair. At our salon, we take special care in completing the colouring of hair but balayage is something that we specialise in and out.

    Professional workers can execute it very well on all the people who would want to have it. We follow international trends really well be it the Kardashian skin regime or the balayage ombre which is the most difficult hair colouring scheme to achieve. Ombre is basically a method where our girls graduate from darker to the lighter shades and it has a very thin line of difference with balayage. Sometimes in order to get over the fear of the customers mind, our professionally trained artists actually merge both the ways and concentrate on other aspects like balayage short hair or balayage straight hair where the length and the texture are more of concern and the colour scheme is paid less heed to.

    Balayage and the magic of its perfect effect

    The places where we have seen people flaunting balayage dark hair has got stored in our minds. Although many of us crave having the blonde hair for ourselves but according to our skin tone the gradients which will look a lot better and suited is the trendsetting balayage brown hair or balayage black hair.Most of the people insist on having balayage blonde hair for themselves. We know balayage is a painters creative side revealer and this is why when our expert colour professional team does a creation on someone’s hair for balayage, they unfurl the entire hair in such a way as if they are working it out on a canvas. We’d always insist on a brunette balayage instead of a balayage blonde gradience. Also balayage is a technique according to our professionals which does not require ages to finish and can be done quickly which make the user get a wonderful trend, stylish as well up and ready in minutes. Balayage is that type of a hair colour scheme which we had seen and coveted having while flipping through the magazine pages with models showing off hot sun kissed bodies along with amazingly charming and voluminous hair.With us by your side, we promise to fulfil this dream of yours to achieve the same hair colour look so that the next style setting achievement is bagged by you.