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    The trendsetting balayage and the amazing gradient look defining it

    Hair Styling is an amazing way to change your look and sticking to the most happening styles is what keeps a person fashionably updated. At Affinity express it is the main focus that we concentrate at while dealing with customers. Talking of this, when we discuss hair at our salon, we know that balayage is something which is an alien term to most of us but when we, as stylists hear quite a lot of it now, we come to know that this causes quite a lot of stir ups while styling and colouring hair and we wish to impart this knowledge to all our customers as well with some good demonstration too. The balayage hair is a new sensation for most of the celebs at the moment on an international level; where they are flaunting it off exceptionally well in all hair length. Not only does it look extraordinarily good in good hair length, the balayage hair colour is an absolutely wonderful alternative for all who embrace new fashion trends gloriously. The people who hesitate to embrace this new trend wholly can take up balayage highlights for their hair and show the sheer courage to be a part of change.

    What is Balayage and why people have embraced it

    Balayage is basically a way of colouring the hair which gives a gradient looks if the hair had been kissed by the beach sun. Balayage can be done with a number of colours which is why international singers have also expressed their great interest in taking up this way of hair colours. Balayage is a French word meaning ‘to paint' uplifting the presence of the hair and providing a natural look just like the natural colours did. We have options where they can experiment with the hair of the customers and make them swoon in style and glory. Starting from amazing trendsetting things like blonde balayage where a dark hair tone of a person needs to be changed and that is only done by painting the hair in gradients. Balayage is basically a technique for highlighting the hair. The area where the colour is more intense is at the root and lightens up near the ends of the hair. Brown balayage, red balayage and even the caramel balayage is a wonderful option for all those people who want to experiment with the highlighting of their hair. At our salon, we take special care in completing the colouring of hair but balayage is something that we specialise in and out.

    Professional workers can execute it very well on all the people who would want to have it. We follow international trends really well be it the Kardashian skin regime or the balayage ombre which is the most difficult hair colouring scheme to achieve. Ombre is basically a method where our girls graduate from darker to the lighter shades and it has a very thin line of difference with balayage. Sometimes in order to get over the fear of the customers mind, our professionally trained artists actually merge both the ways and concentrate on other aspects like balayage short hair or balayage straight hair where the length and the texture are more of concern and the colour scheme is paid less heed to.

    Balayage and the magic of its perfect effect

    The places where we have seen people flaunting balayage dark hair has got stored in our minds. Although many of us crave having the blonde hair for ourselves but according to our skin tone the gradients which will look a lot better and suited is the trendsetting balayage brown hair or balayage black hair.Most of the people insist on having balayage blonde hair for themselves. We know balayage is a painters creative side revealer and this is why when our expert colour professional team does a creation on someone’s hair for balayage, they unfurl the entire hair in such a way as if they are working it out on a canvas. We’d always insist on a brunette balayage instead of a balayage blonde gradience. Also balayage is a technique according to our professionals which does not require ages to finish and can be done quickly which make the user get a wonderful trend, stylish as well up and ready in minutes. Balayage is that type of a hair colour scheme which we had seen and coveted having while flipping through the magazine pages with models showing off hot sun kissed bodies along with amazingly charming and voluminous hair.With us by your side, we promise to fulfil this dream of yours to achieve the same hair colour look so that the next style setting achievement is bagged by you.

    Hair Highlighting

    Jaw Dropping Hair Highlighting

    Hair highlighting is one of the most amazing ways to show off your lustrous tresses and also hide its flaws. At Affinity Express be it short men hair or long hair for women, we delicately handle the hair highlights by choosing the right tint and utilizing the best techniques. Our experts have been helping out clients in choosing their colours well as a result of which the highlights not look gaudy and flashy. According to the experts who highlight hair, most of the time the choice of colour is not an issue, and the only thing is how the client carries it. However, we strictly believe that it is the dutiful work of the professionals to guide the people in the correct way. Even if our client decides on a certain different colour as to the trending highlights for brown hair or the highlights for dark hair, we, at Affinity Express, execute a patch tests so that the client does not have to bear the burden of a colour that they chose by mistake. This is the reason why when you opt for the places to get hair highlighted near me, you must always seek for good professional help. Some clients do carry bizarre combinations perfectly well. They very well carry blonde hair highlights with dark skin colour and set examples for others who choose to stick to the safer Burgundy or Mahogany options.

    There are a lot of common combinations in hair highlights which are failsafe and have been quite commonly taken up by a lot of clients. The darker shade of red, Deep brown or mahogany and most commonly burgundy for all the others who like quirkiness in a safe way. When we look for people who highlight hair near me let us all be ready to discuss what our preferences are. Sometimes the clients decide to obey what the artist but might not be happy with the end result. Combinations like dark brown hair with blonde highlights or dark brown hair with caramel highlights might look extremely perfect on some people while in the other types this might be call as a disaster. So, when people come to our place after they search for options like hair highlight salons near me we at first let our artist talk to the clients about their preferences and mix and match all their ideas. While some people may not be much convinced to the ideas of highlighting their hair some others find this technique as their style statement. The texture and colour of the hair may be varied but the main thing lies in the selection of the colour in accordance with the skin tone and personal preference of the client. The artists can also evaluate if the client is happy with their colour scheme and definitely not force their aspirations on the clients if they are not willing to experiment.

    The variety of hair and how they all match with the coloured highlights

    When you look for options that are amazing yet unusual you must not be afraid to try the most unusual combination. At times in our salon, when we understand that a certain type is just going to be a smashing combination however the client is a bit hesitant, we always try our best to convince about it and also we do not leave any stone unturned to motivate them positively so that they can carry themselves well. When we think about options with the different hues of brown like brown hair with highlights, dark brown hair with highlights or even light brown hair with highlights we also recommend the clients to choose their colours wisely. We totally propagate when a hesitant client goes out of the failsafe options and along with them even we value and flaunt the success story to break away from the mundane. This is because if a client looks for any options which says hair highlights near me they might come across the stoic episodes that we share of all the people that have dared to drift away from the safe and normal zone and experiment with the trendsetting quirky options.

    Even if they for clients showing dark hair with highlights or black hair with highlights most of them are pleasantly surprised when they see the final look. Our mix and match ideas to get a divine highlighting tint as well as the way we style and colour the base hair is always an outstanding affair. Over the years our talented and professionally qualified team of artists have not only put smiles on clients faces but have also successfully carried the smiles on over a large period of time now.

    Hair Colour

    Hair Colouring Redefined: Affinity Assures Quality

    We are defined mostly by the way we look, or more specifically the way we let ourself to be seen. So it is very clear that our beauty needs nourishment, touch, and management. With the tornado speed of fashion trends worldwide, to look elegant in style requires special care. When it comes to hair, we do not experiment and take risk.

    Proper hair care is important for your best look and so you keep looking for the best place for ‘hair colour near me’. Here comes the need of professional hands and their trained skill over hair colour services and this can be availed at Affinity Express which is one of the best hair colour salon.

    So while looking for ‘hair colouring places near me’, you must visit Affinity Express salon in Preet Vihar, Delhi.

    Get A Noticeable Personality With Right Hair Colour

    Your need for gorgeous looks depends on so many things you maintain. For an attractive look it is important that your must complement your face. You'll see your hair, and its style can make remarkable differences in the way you see. One of the most popular ways of giving a new look to the entire personality is to colour the hair.

    It might appear as a simple task to just apply the colours and get the desired look but it is not as simple as that. At hair salons that do colour near me like Affinity Express, staffs have detailed knowledge about hair colour and care. Thus, they are able to give you customized services on the basis of your hair texture and type and you can relax because you are at best place to get hair coloured near me choice. Along with quality, as premium hair colouring salon, we create striking differences in the way you look. Of course, you are entirely concern about your hair styling, but one thing you must know that you cannot recreate a salon quality hair colour with ready mix hair colouring kit at home.

    The professionals in hair salons specialising in colour near me’ choices are experts in the job. They are skilled and thoroughly trained in the usages of chemicals on your hair. Along with the substantial knowledge they are also skilled in the physiology of the human head and scalp. So there are vast differences you will get if you choose a natural hair colouring at hair colour places over home-dyeing options. Hair colours are available mainly in different shades of blonde, black, red and brown. So choose your preference along with quality. Best hair salon near me for colour has hair colour experts near me to discuss with and select the colour and quality which suit you the best.

    Hair Colouring And Your Goals

    If you have chosen to colour your hair to improve your looks, it is important to have clear idea of what exactly are you looking for.

    When you enter a premium hair colour salon, you must have a goal what you want after colouring. We at Affinity Express suggest all our customers to discuss their expectation regarding how they want to look, which particular shade they want, and so on.

    Even you get the best option here for colour correction hair salon near me. Our hair colour specialist will always assist you in deciding that and in finally reaching upto your expectations. But it must be you who determines the intentions of your hair colouring. Without it, you'll never be satisfied even after you have gone to a star quality hair salon.

    Wrapping It Up

    Your search for the ‘best hair colouring salon near me’ ends at Affinity Express. With our distinguished reputation for years, you don't need to worry at all.

    But be definite what you want, the quality of your hair colouring in hair colour stores near me options will make you flourish in your own eyes and that's a guarantee.

    So call us today and see your magical transformation!


    The Hair Affair At Affinity Express

    Every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful. Although every single woman is beautiful from within, a little bit of makeup and grooming has never harmed anyone.

    We at Affinity Express have got you covered. A one-stop destination for all your beauty solutions, our store, which is located at Preet Vihar is sure to give you results that will be worth every money you spend.

    Be it a makeover you require before a special event you have to attend or a simple grooming session including a new hairdo and shaping of your eyebrows, ours is one name that you can completely rely on.

    Why Is A Good Hairdo Essential?

    The right kind of hairdo which gets along well with your appearance is sure to impart a new kind of confidence in you.

    It is the hair that frames the face.

    The right kinds of hairdos complement your face and other features and therefore, improve your appearance largely.

    There a whole list of women's hairdos services that are offered by our beauty salon.

    Great Hairdos For Long Hair

    Do you have long and lustrous hair? Many women who have long hair suffer from the dilemma as to how to fix their hair up. Hair experts and professionals at Affinity Express are equipped with some of the best ways to come up with some manageable hairdos for long hair that will be worth the stare.

    1. A twisted bun: A bun is never out of fashion. It is neither too formal nor too casual. If pinned up properly, it is also very easy to manage.

    2. A double ponytail: Our hair experts have this excellent hairdo idea which will immediately lengthen your ponytail. This is one of the most popular hairdos for thin hair because it can instantly add volume to the hair as well.

    3. A half up bow: Sport a bow, even if it isn't Christmas. Part the upper portion of your hair and tie it up into a bow and stroll around like a Disney Princess.

    4. A boho braid: This kind of loose and flowy braid will get you ready for a romantic date with the least effort.

    5. A French braid twisted bun: Get the goodness of a braid as well as a bun fused into a single hairstyle with this French braid twisted bun.

    6. A top knot: Effortless, messy yet beautiful. A top knot can be done in less than 10 seconds. Our professionals make sure that they spray some hairspray over the bun so that it doesn't droop throughout the day.

    7. A beehive hairdo: In this long hairdo, the long hair is piled up in a way so as to form a conical shape.

    These long hairdos and many best international hairdo are worth a try for they will enrich your beauty and present you in a picture-perfect way

    Awesome Hairdos For Medium Length Hair

    Medium length hair is difficult to manage. You can neither let it loose nor can you come up with some fashionable hairstyle that will make you look fresh and beautiful throughout the day. Our team of professionals has come up with some of the best hairdos for medium length hair that will make you look good throughout the day. Style your middle length hair with this plethora of hairstyles which have been handpicked by our hairdressers especially to present an elegant picture of you. Given below is a list of some of the medium length hairdos.

    1. A top knot: This effortless yet elegant hairstyle works equally well with medium length hair as it does with long hair. Our professionals will do it in the best possible way so that you get ready in second to slay throughout the day.

    2. A pouf and braided bun: This hairstyle is sure to add volume to your hair. This kind of medium hairdo will impart elegance to your appearance.

    3. A Casual braided hairstyle with loose ends: Perfect both for your work as well as your romantic date night, sport this cute hairdo with utmost confidence and enjoy all the stares as you walk in.

    4. A bun with braids in the side: This hairstyle will perfectly accentuate your femininity. This kind of hairstyle is one of the most popular kinds of wedding hairdos. This can serve well as both the bride’s as well as mother of the bride hairdos.

    5. A low bun: As already mentioned, a bun can never go out of fashion. Experiment with your way. Twist and turn your hair till you come up with new hairstyles every time.

    6. A crown twist hairdo: So chic yet so royal. The best thing about this hairdo is that you can couple this hairstyle with any kind of staple that you pick out of your closet.

    Hope now you know some awesome hairdos for shoulder length hair. However, one can always choose to settle for hairdo extensions for additional fashion options. Our professionals have acquired expertise in that field too.

    Flaunt Your Short Hair With These Hairdos For Short Hair

    If you are of the idea that you don't have much hairdo options if you have short hair, our hair experts will serve you just fine. Once you avail our service, you will proudly flaunt your short hair. Have a look at some of the best hairdo for short hair.

    1. A messy yet classy pony: This is extremely fashionable and easy to carry. A simple tie-up pony is never too much nor too casual.

    2. A braided mohawk: This hairdo is one of the best short hairdos which is best suited for girls who have a Bob cut hair. This makes a girl look bold and edgy.

    3. Twist and pin-up: Simply twist the different strands of your hair and pin the different parts up. This will add volume to your hair.

    4. Dual side braid with asymmetrical Bob: Another edgy and cool hairdo for women who opt for a bold outlook, this hairdo is a saviour when you are about to attend an event of whose being casual or formal you are unsure.

    Stay in style with these cute hairdos for short hair and many more, ask your hair stylist for our international hairdo.

    Hair Fall Treatment

    Hair Fall Treatment

    Stress and tension have made hair loss one of the greatest adversities of the present generation. No matter how much you want to control, in due course of time, hair loss starts affecting your beauty standards.

    If you want to fight against hair loss with an excellent treatment for hair fall, you should absolutely rely on us. We, at Affinity Express, provide the best treatment for hair fall and you can regain your original length and volume in no time.

    There is simply no reason to feel sad and blue, as we provide hair loss treatment unparalleled to any other service you have ever tried before. We offer the best hair treatment for men and the best hair treatment for women.

    Dandruff Related Hair Loss

    Dandruff has been correlated with hair loss for a long time. If you can tackle one, the other can be terminated. Dandruff is integrally associated with the skin on your scalp, and it can indirectly have an effect on hair fall. Seeing a clump of hair floating after a bath may cause you to feel anxious, but if you are aware of your dandruff related problems, this can be a definite cause of hair fall. We provide you with dandruff and hair fall treatment which enables you to rid your hair of dandruff and hence eradicate the root cause of hair fall. Treatment for hair fall and dandruff is merely the best way to procure the health and beauty of your hair.

    Treatment For All

    No matter who you are, when you see your hair thinning avoid an average range, it is bound to cause you a great deal of worry. We provide sufficiently comprehensive treatment plans for both men and women. Hair loss treatment for women focuses on eradicating the causes of hair fall and fights it to the root. Female hair loss treatment has the same value to us as does hair loss treatment for men. We cater to everyone who is in need of damaged hair treatment, and in no time you can feel the change and flaunt your beautiful luscious hair.


    Availability Of Diverse Treatment

    We believe that not all hair type can benefit from the same treatment, which is why we have opened our doors to a number of possible options that you can choose from. You can even leave the decision making procedure at our hand, as our expert crew knows well about what hair treatment you will need. Here are few treatments that we provide:

    If you have several issues with ingrown hair, our ingrown hair treatment can help you to naturally get rid of the ingrown hair that is causing you trouble or distress.

    There is certain hair growth treatment which activates your hair follicles and accelerates the growth of hair from your scalp. The special serums used at our studio are exclusively made according to your needs, and it is assured to give the best results ever. Damp and frizzy hair can make your life a living hell. Styling hair into fashionable braids and new hairstyles are almost impossible with curly hair;

    Hair straightening treatment is hence of great help for people with annoying curly hair which will help you to full fill your wildest hairstyle fantasies into reality. Hair straightening treatments are available for all length and curliness of hair. Once you submit your hair into our hands, it's only a great style that awaits you.

    If you want to relive your curly hair from incessant hair loss, our keratin treatment for curly hair will help you to stop hair damage and prevent it from thinning out at an increasing rate.

    Additional Hair Services Available

    We at Affinity Express, believe that hair can be of diverse in nature and hence there are at least some hair treatments that can be offered to everyone who walks into our salon. If you have exceedingly dry hair, we have special dry hair treatment that will revive your hair and make it healthy. Hair treatment for dry hair is available for any hair length and is suitable for any price too. Dry and damaged hair may lead you to use an unnecessarily considerable number of products, if you come and get our damaged hair treatment, we can promise you good results in no time. Hair regrowth treatment is another one of our fortes, and you can come anytime for hair regrowth treatment that will help you to make your hair dense again. These are some of our best thinning hair treatment. If you want to flaunt a new hairstyle and ditch your old look, do gets a hair smoothing treatment.

    Losing your hair is never a good feeling. The hair growth treatments offered are some of the best hair loss treatment which will help you to regain your hair just after a few sittings. Our keranique hair regrowth treatment is one of the best hair treatment that will help you to boost your confidence and hair quality at the same time!

    Hair Rebonding

    Hair Rebonding

    If you have always had curly and unmanageable hair, it is common for you to have imagined having silky straight hair that can also be managed without pain. Hair rebonding is one of the leading techniques where a number of products are applied to the hair so that the hair relaxes and the curly frizzy hair transforms into silky straight mane that can be styled into the latest fashion trends.

    We, at Affinity Express, understand your cravings and are here to provide you with the best hair rebonding experience. We assure you that there is no reason to worry about the side effects that people warn you against as we use the best products available and are very experienced in this area of usage.

    Perks Of Rebonding

    Rebonding hair will surely give you the best of your hair experience and you can enjoy your hair to the fullest. You can style your hair in any way you want. Say goodbye to unmanageable, curly hair and welcome straight hair into your life.

    Hair rebonding salon generally use chemicals that chemically breaks down the natural bonds and rearranges your hair into forming new bonds that will lead you to have straight hair. In contrast to straightening your hair with a flat iron, hair rebonding is a much permanent treatment and will have quite a long-lasting effect on your hair.

    The Procedure

    If you are wondering about hair rebonding salon near me, we are available at Preet Vihar in Delhi and are ready to give you the most relaxing rebonding experience of your life. The procedure for hair rebonding is rather diverse. After the hair has been neatly divided into sections, a cream relaxant is applied to each specific band of hair while keeping it held straight. After this, our trained professionals make sure with the help of a plastic board that the relaxant has been applied to each and every strand of your hair. The hair is then steamed for around 30-40 minute and then blow dried.

    Finally, to make sure that no curls are left, a keratin solution is applied to the hair, followed by a neutralizer which makes sure to restabilize and restructure the hair. After a minute serum application, the hair is straightened and advised not to be washed for at least three days after the treatment.

    Keep Affordability In Mind

    Hair rebonding treatments are now available over a diverse range of price. The hair rebonding cost mainly depends on the length of hair which indirectly is an estimate of how much cream relaxant, serum, and neutralizer has to be used to make sure that your hair is perfectly straight after the treatment. Hair rebonding price also depends on the salon you visit. When you visit us, we give you the best services at the most affordable rates convenient for you. Customer satisfaction is one of our main goals, and we strive to meet it every day.

    Rebonding your hair is the new cool way to get the most out of your hair during the festive seasons. Your frizzy curly hair can relax into the beautiful silky soft mane that you can flaunt in various fashionable styles!


    Get Keratin Treatment from the Best Stylists

    Are you fed up with the damaged texture of your hair? Have the best Keratin treatment from the hair stylists we have. We at Affinity Express, make sure that our customers avail better treatment and get their plight ended up after receiving our service. Affinity Express stylists engage themselves in observing the healthy conditions of the hair, and then they figure out the best solution for you that you can avail. Problems such as the hair fall, the frizzes, the damages etc. get solved completely once you get the Keratin treatment from us. Now there is a question popping in your mind to know when the keratin hair treatment is needed? At times due to the regular outings or inability to take good care of the hair the texture of the hair gets damaged.

    And post-damage we get panic to set the hair care routine to improvise the texture of the hair. This is when you require Keratin treatment. Following are the cases when people come to us to take a keratin treatment for the hair:

    Straightening Of The Hair:

    Keratin straightening treatment is required so that the hair gets straightened healthily. People who are not happy with the inborn texture of the hair they have to go for the straightening. Most people love straight hairs, and this is when the keratin treatment for curly hair is required. After the Keratin hair straightening treatment is all done, the hair appears healthier, and the hair management also becomes quite easy.

    Some people like to treat their hair to be black, and thus, they prefer a treatment where their hair stays black for a longer period. If you are one of them who wish to have black hair throughout then, we you can get our keratin treatment for black hair. And moreover, the keratin treatment price is made way affordable for the people so that they can avail the best for what they pay us. We also provide keratin complex treatment.

    Smoothening Of The Hair:

    Some people require their hair to be smooth. Some people have straight hairs, but the hairs have no shine as they are damaged due to the various environmental factors, and this is why people take the keratin smoothing treatment for the hair so that their hair becomes smooth as well as manageable.

    And we also offer the keratin complex smoothing treatment which ensures the smoothing of the hair as well as takes good care of the health of the hair.

    The keratin treatment cost is kept lower so that people can avail it and get healthy hairs without spending much.era to give you the best aypv-services.

    Healthy Hair:

    To get the best keratin treatment is quite a necessary part when it comes to the health of the hair. We are providing the keratin express treatment so that people can get all their problems of hair quality get solved with ease.

    One must know that the effect of the keratin treatment does not last forever. It is pretty confirmed that the keratin treatment can get you smooth and healthy hair and help you improvise the hair quality as well as texture but at the same time it is very important to know that the effect of the keratin treatment cannot stay forever. And moreover, if you want to know how long the effect stays then that will merely depend on the way you maintain your hair post-treatment. We provide our customers with the best technique so that they can be satisfied with the results rather regretting it. We have hair stylists who are experienced enough to understand the exact proportion of the chemicals that are to be applied on the hairs and they do it very gently. Thus how much are keratin treatments effective depends on which service you choose.

    We can provide the best keratin treatment, and our hair stylists have expertise in the job. We ensure the best results post the process as well as we assure our customers to the safety of their scalp before all the chemicals that we use. We take care of the requirements and cater to all the needs of the customers regarding the treatment. You can find us by searching for keratin hair treatment near me or keratin treatment salons near me on Google. We can make you avail the best Keratin treatment at a very affordable price. So book an appointment with us and get ready to flaunt your hair.