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    Men’s Styling

    Men can now find the best techniques for their hair and walk around with the beautiful locks of hair. Men can feel equally confident and happy about themselves by getting themselves styled in the best way and by the best available professionals in the city.

    At Affinity Express in Preet Vihar, we promise to offer and excellent grooming and mens haircut and mens hair styling services.

    Look Handsome And Feel Attractive

    Men can now find the best men’s salon where they will be groomed and made to look the best version of themselves. The mens salon uses the most luxurious, advanced and branded products that are available in the market. Affinity Express is a salon for men which is always a step ahead of all other salons when it comes to hairstyling and haircut. They are the most knowledgeable in this field of hairstyling that allows them to get more customers every day. They are up-to-date with every new style and trend around the world. With the advance in the patterns, they always keep in mind the needs and necessities of the people and don’t deviate from the classic styles. We as a salon for gents believe that the art of styling belongs equally to men as much as it does to women. That is what makes us, the best salon in Preet Vihar and the best salon in east Delhi.

    Men Can Now Feel Confident From Within!

    Our professional in the gents salon section are the best professionals who are experts not only in men’s haircut but also in making each customer’s spirits brightened and lifting their spirits in every way possible. It is guaranteed that no customer will return home without a happy ending.

    The products used at this gent’s salon are the best of the ones that are available in the market that make your hair feel softer and better than ever. We assure to offer the best gent’s haircut at Affinity Express.

    Men’s styling is now diverse and finding the best style for yourself is easier than ever. Visit Affinity Express and venture and into the arena of fashion today!

    Get All Your Pre-Wedding Preps With Us

    Are you about to get married and looking for the pre-wedding services? Affinity Express is here to help you out and assist you in the best possible way. As the day of marriage hold huge importance for the groom and thus all the grooms out there must be wishing to have the unique and special attire as well as appearance.

    We provide the best services which can make you look the most attractive man amongst everyone thereby you can enjoy your day to the fullest. The pre-wedding groom package provided by us is designed in such a way so that the groom can avail the best of the price which he pays us. Grooming is the essential part of the pre-wedding preps.

    Why Grooming Is Important?

    In a wedding ceremony, the bride is given much importance, and undeniably she is the ultimate beauty present over there, and the centre of attraction of all the guests present at the ceremony as well. But the groom is also expected to be good-looking and confident. And moreover, as the marriage is the most important day for the groom as well as for the bride so both of them must have a special appearance on the day of the wedding. This is why the grooming of the groom cannot be skipped anyway.

    Following are some of the few things which are included in the essentials of the pre-wedding preparations:

    A Professional Shave:

    The most important part of the grooming can be the shaving. It is the easiest way to optimise the looks as you wish. But the look needs to be classic, manly and effective at the same time. If you are nervous to get it done yourself, come to Affinity Express to get all inclusive pre-groom package. Mostly the pre-groom package includes the professional shaving also.

    Get Your Hands And Legs A Manicure And Pedicure:

    It must be kept in mind that on the occasion of the wedding the hands, as well as the feet of the bride and the groom, are observed the most. Thus, it suggested for all the grooms to go for a manicure and pedicures so that all your nails as well as the skin of your hands and feet get de-tanned and look nice. Our pedi spa stations offer the best pedicure for men/ best manicure for men and best pedicure for women/ best manicure for men.

    We can provide you with the best pre-groom service that you can avail with all the essentials included in it, and thus it is very important to take care of the all the pre-weds preps, and we can give you the best assistance for that matter. We also offer affordable and attractive pre bridal packages for brides and pre groom packages for men. For more details feel free to call our store and ask for assistance on the best package available.